Barrie, Ont. woman attacked by a dog

Source: CTV News

An off-leash dog attacked a woman in front of her home in south-end Barrie on Thursday, Oct. 6. Cory Fram, the 40-year-old mother of two, said a dog attacked her on her front porch as she tried to get inside her home. She suffered injuries to her arm, hand and backside.

Fram, a dog owner herself, said she had noticed the dog and the owner in the area before the attack but didn’t know if the dog was being walked off-leash or if it escaped a nearby home.

Barrie Police Service said they were advised of the incident late Thursday afternoon and are investigating. The victim’s husband, Kyle Fram, said they are going to press charges if they find the owner of the dog.

Kyle Fram is hoping the dog owner will come forward on his own and get the dog fixed before somebody else gets hurt.

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