Cases of Sexual Abuse Across Canada


In an effort to keep track of the increasing number of legal decisions written by judges across Canada in sexual abuse and exploitation litigation, we have started compiling a centralized list in the table below. All citations are to CanLII – a free legal database maintained by the Federation of Law Societies of Canada that publishes decisions across Canada.

In some cases, we also provide our own written summary of the case using CanLII as our source.

List of Cases Across Canada
Case NameAward for Pain & SufferingYear DecidedInstitutionSourceSummary
Langstaff v. Marson$341,2932013SchoolLink to CaseSummary
K.M. v. Marson$250,0002018SchoolLink to Case
DS v. Quesnelle$400,0002019OtherLink to Case
John Doe v. O'Dell$175,0002003ChurchLink to Case
Swales v. Glendinning$175,0002004ChurchLink to Case
JB v. RB$275,0002021OtherLink to Case
Rosenthal v. Rosenthal$180,0002014OtherLink to Case
C.O. v. Williamson$300,0002020SchoolLink to Case
M.B. v. 2014052 Ontario Ltd.$300,0002012EmployerLink to Case
Milne v. Betts$225,0002012OtherLink to Case
Drijber v. Betts$250,0002012OtherLink to Case
DMN v Staples$225,0002013OtherLink to Case
Shaw v. Staples$225,0002013OtherLink to Case
K.T. v. Vranich$175,0002011EmployerLink to Case
Evans v. Sproule$150,0002008PoliceLink to Case
D.M. v. W.W$95,0002013OtherLink to Case
DP v. Allen$125,0002004ChurchLink to Case
Zando v. Ali$175,0002017MedicalLink to Case
K.K. v. K.W.G.,$100,0002008OtherLink to Case
Hockley v. Riley$100,0002005OtherLink to Case
S. (A.) (Litigation Guardian of) v. S. (S.)$105,0002007OtherLink to Case
C.S. v. Nigro$100,0002010OtherLink to Case
Badreddine v. Shapovalov$50,0002019EmployerLink to Case
B. (R.) v. S. (E.) (Litigation guardian of)$70,0002016OtherLink to Case
DG v RM$35,0002012OtherLink to Case
RA1 v JM$35,0002013OtherLink to Case
Weingerl v. Seo$25,0002005MedicalLink to Case
R. (J.) v. White$20,0002001MedicalLink to Case
D.B. et al v Johnson$5,5002012OtherLink to Case



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