Courier injured in slip and fall on a snowy driveway is awarded $270,000 in a personal injury lawsuit. 

Snow Covered Sidewalk
  • Date: 29 January
  • 2003
  • Victim’s Age: 54
  • Victim’s Sex: Male
  • Occupation: Courier
  • Place: Ontario
  • Circumstances: the buildup of snow and ice on a driveway
  • Injuries sustained: fractured hip
  • Compensation: $270,000

Slip and fall incident

On January 29th, 2003, a 54-year-old man was seriously injured in a fall. The man worked as a courier when he slipped and fell due to a buildup of snow and ice on a driveway. He was brought to the hospital where he found out that he had fractured his hip. That same day he underwent emergency surgery to place a metal plate and screws to fix his hip. He remained in the hospital for 10 days.  

Victim’s injuries

After his injury, he could no longer work as a courier and reduced his security service job hours to 24 hours per week. He continues to experience pain in his upper and outer thigh and has difficulties going upstairs or walking for extended periods. He also struggles to do house maintenance tasks. The injury and surgery have predisposed him to early-onset arthritis. He also experiences psychological distress as a result of his injuries 


The property owner was deemed responsible for the man’s injuries. The judge awarded the man $90,000 in general damages. He was also awarded $89,913 for past loss of income and $53,022 for future loss of income. He also recovered financial compensation to pay for house maintenance services in the amount of $36,400 and $1,500 for medical treatment. 



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