Girl receives $45,000 settlement after Dog Attack

Jack Russel dog.
  • Date: January 4, 2014
  • Victim’s Age: 15
  • Victim’s Sex: Female
  • Occupation: Student
  • Compensation/ Settlement Amount: $45,461.00.
  • Breed of Dog: Jack Russell/Blue Heeler mix
  • On/Off property: On
  • Owner of the dog: Friend’s
  • Chained: No
  • Relationship to dog: Non-Family
  • Multiple dogs: No
  • Injuries sustained: multiple claw marks, puncture wounds and scars to her face, neck and left arm


A dog owner is paying the price for his dog attacking a kid.

On January 4, 2014, the girl was at her friend’s house for a playdate when the friend’s dog jumped on her and attacked her. 

The female victim, who was 15 at the time, suffered multiple claw marks, puncture wounds and scars to her face, neck and left arm.

This was not the dog’s first incidence. According to the victim’s mother, the dog had previously bitten two other individuals.

The Dog Attack

On January 4, 2014, the victim had gone over to her friend’s house to hang out. At one point she went over to their dog, Oscar, a Jack Russell/Blue Heeler mix, and sat down beside him to pet him. As she started to move away from him, he lunged at her and bit her on the face, neck, and forearms. The victim’s friend had to pull the dog off of her.

The victim had no idea that Oscar was dangerous or unpredictable. However, afterward, the victim’s mother discovered that this wasn’t the first time the dog had behaved aggressively. He had bitten two other individuals previously.

Victim’s Injuries from Dog Attack

The victim sustained claw marks, puncture wounds, and scars to her face, neck, and left arm. The victim was taken to the hospital by her father, where she received over twenty stitches.

Over the next year, the victim attended many doctor’s appointments including appointments with a plastic surgeon to try and fix the scarring that resulted. In 2015 she underwent scar revision surgery. Her scars are still visible and she experiences panic attacks in stressful situations and avoids dogs.

Compensation for Injured Victim

The victim successfully sued the defendants and received $37,500 in general damages, $2,500 in future care costs, and $5,461 to cover her previous medical expenses. Her parents received $5,000 each in compensation under the Family Law Act.



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