Hamilton man faces charges related to a dog attack on a city trail

Source: Global News

German Shepherd dog shows dangerous teeth.

Hamilton City, A German shepherd attacked a woman last week, leaving her in hospital. The dog owner is now facing three charges, including one for permitting a dog to bite a person and two for failing to license a dog.

On June 30, Tamara Dufour was biking with her partner Marcel Camposilvan, near the Chedoke Radial Trail when a German shepherd broke free from its leash and bit her leg. She spent the next nine hours in the hospital, thinking about the gravity of the bite. She required 30 stitches in her leg.

The city said the dogs will continue to live with their owner unless public health has reason to believe they are unable to control them. They have also been ordered to be confined at home for 10 days.

Camposilvan and Dufour say they are concerned with the amount of time it took to see action after the dog attack. Camposilvan is hoping for more action from the City of Hamilton and local authorities addressing how dog attacks are handled.

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