Jacob Hoggard: Former Hedley frontman is being sued for $2.8 million by an Ottawa woman

Source: CP24

An Ottawa woman who was sexually assaulted by Hedley frontman Jacob Hoggard in a Toronto hotel room is suing Hoggard for $2.8 million. In June, Hoggard was found guilty of sexually assaulting an Ottawa woman causing bodily harm.

The Ottawa woman said she met Hoggard on Tinder and agreed to meet him in Toronto. She said the sexual assault robbed her of a part of her life that was “supposed to be full of possibilities”.

The victim said she would wake up every night paralyzed with fear and missed out on important moments with his loved ones.

The woman is suing Hoggard for $2.8 million, claiming she was left with mental anguish, was unable to complete her education, and was impaired in both her physical and mental abilities. 

Hoggard will be attending a sentencing hearing on Thursday.

Hoggard was charged with another sexual assault causing bodily harm related to an incident that happened in Kirkland Lake, Ont. in March and has denied the allegation.

If you have a complaint against Jacob Hoggard or a victim of sexual assault in Ontario, please contact us. We can help.



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