Man receives $438,000 in settlement for injuries suffered in a boating accident 

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The accident

On August 2, 20002 a man was a passenger on a boat that collided with another boat. The accident happened on Bolger lake at night. In the crash, he suffered serious injuries. The man initiated a personal injury lawsuit against the drivers of both boats to recover compensation for the damages he suffered.


One of the boat driver’s reached a settlement agreement with the injured man for $438,000. In 2009, the man pursued a lawsuit against the second driver. At trial, the courts assessed the man’s damages at $312,021. The judge found both drivers liable for the man’s injuries. The driver with whom he had reached a settlement was found 50% liable and the other driver 39% liable for the man’s injuries. The man was found to be 11% contributorily negligent for his own damages.  

He was unable to recover money from the second driver as the settlement reached with the first driver had more than compensated him for his damages.  



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