Ottawa Catholic High School Teacher Shannon Quinn charged with Sexual Assault

Ottawa area news agencies report that Ottawa Catholic High School Teacher Shannon Quinn has been charged with sexual assault and exploitation.

Quinn has been charged with five counts of sexual assault and sexual exploitation following an investigation into incidents between her and a student in the spring of 2023.

According to her LinkedIn profile, Quinn was a full-time teacher of secondary English and religion at St. Francis Xavier Catholic High School. She has been with the Ottawa Catholic School Board for 16 years.

Quinn, who is also known as Shannon Greffe, is a married mother of 2.

While sexual assaults committed by women are rare, they account for about 5% of all sexual offences. The victims are most often boys.

According to the Ottawa Police Service, Quinn was arrested on August 10th on five counts of sexual assault. The police believe there may be other victims.

If you have been a victim of sexual abuse or exploitation, please call and speak to me. I may be able to help.



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