Ottawa Physiotherapist Vikram Singh Charged with Sexual Assault

Care home for seniors, treatment couch and physiotherapy room.

Ottawa area news agencies are reporting that Ottawa Physiotherapist Vikram Singh has been charged with sexual assault.

According to the College of Physiotherapists registry, Vikram Singh, whose full name is Vikramjeet Singh, received his training in 2012 and was most recently practicing at Pro Physio & Sport Medicine Centres in Navan (3349 Navan Road) and Orleans (1585 Tenth Line Road).

The College confirms that on April 5, 2023, the ICRC referred a matter involving Singh to the Disciplinary Committee for a hearing. It is alleged that between October 1, 2021, and November 22, 2021, Singh sexually abused a patient by touching and behaving toward the patient in a sexual nature. He was suspended on May 2, 2023, pending the outcome of that disciplinary hearing. Notice of the Hearing can be found here.

According to the Ottawa Police Service, Singh was arrested on April 23rd on four counts of sexual assault. The police believe there may be other victims.



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