An Ottawa lawyer won $50,000 in a defamation and assault lawsuit

defamation and assault online by a man
man assaulting online

The defamation and assault incident

An Ottawa lawyer was the victim of an assault by a man who lived in Edmonton Alberta. The lawyer worked in human rights doing work related to hate propaganda on the internet. The assaults started in the spring of 2006 when the Alberta man sent emails and posted posts on websites encouraging others to harm the lawyer. The posts included the lawyer’s address and aerial photos of his home along with his home phone number. The email and posts referred to the layer as a dishonest man, liar, scumbag, pimp, and disgusting maggot. Furthermore, the Alberta man falsely accused the lawyer of being a part of organized crime and falsely posted that the lawyer was convicted of child molestation. 

The defamation and assault lawsuit

At trial, the judge found that the Alberta man had defamed and assaulted the lawyer. Defamation is anything published that hurts a person’s public image or exposes them to hatred and ridicule. Assault is the intentional creation of the feeling of imminent harmful and offensive contact.

The posts by the Alberta man were meant to be personally and professionally insulting towards the lawyer and therefore constituted defamation. The posts also expressed hatred and anger and encouraged people to be violent towards the lawyer. The threats were repetitive and made the lawyer worry for his safety as he felt he could be physically harmed at any moment. 

Compensation for victim

The threats continued for two years right up until the lawsuit in 2008. The lawyer received $50,000 in general and aggravated damages for the assault and defamation he experienced. The judge also ordered the Alberta man to stop posting and sending emails about the Ottawa lawyer.  

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