Randy Van Puyenbroeck: London cyclist describes alleged hit and run

Source: CTV News

London cyclist describes alleged hit and run. A cyclist in London has come forward to describe an alleged hit and run that left him with a broken collarbone and road rash.

CTV News reported that Randy Van Puyenbroeck was cycling with a group of members from the London Cycling Club when a truck drove right into them. A group of cyclists trailing behind took a photo of the truck involved in the alleged hit-and-run.

London police are searching for the driver of a black pickup truck with a chrome bumper, dark tinted windows, white decals on the rear window, and a possible toolbox in the truck bed.

Van Puyenbroeck says his group was hit by a truck that swerved at them and tried to intimidate them. He says the other cyclist was lucky to have a helmet on because he landed much harder on his head.

London police are requesting that anyone who was driving in the area at the time and has dashcam footage please contact them at (519) 661-5670.

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