Toronto Woman Identified as Boat Crash Victim

Source: Global News

capsized boat

A boat carrying ten people, including Megan Wu, 24, hit a rock island breakwater and capsized. Both Megan Wu and a 34-year-old male died as a result of the collision. The boat was heading northeast into the bay when it collided with the rock island breakwater, causing it to overturn.

Eight of the passengers on the boat were saved from the water. Police said a search for Wu was conducted, as well as another passenger who was also on board when it sank. The boat was taken out of the water, according to police.

It’s not known what caused the collision yet. Police said the inquiry is still ongoing, and nothing has been ruled out at this time.

Police said the boat was a 30-foot pleasure craft motorboat with a cabin. Police stated that interviews are being conducted to better understand what caused the collision.

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