Woman awarded just over $380,000 for injuries from a dog attack

torn left rotator cuff MRI
  • Date: December 1, 2016
  • Victim’s Age: 60
  • Victim’s Sex: Female
  • Occupation: Part-time PSW
  • Place: Ontario
  • Compensation/ Settlement Amount:  $100,000.00
  • Breed of Dog: N/A
  • On/Off property: On
  • Owner of the dog: Tenant
  • Chained: No
  • Relationship to dog: Non-Family
  • Multiple dogs: No
  • Injuries sustained: torn left rotator cuff.

In a tragic incident, a woman was attacked by a dog when visiting her father’s property. She suffered a torn left rotator cuff and bite marks as a result of the attack.

The Dog Bite

On December 1, 2016, A woman was visiting her father’s property in Schomberg to meet electricians working there. One of the tenants at her father’s property had a large dog weighing over 100 lbs. The dog owner asked the woman for a rope to tie up her dog as as she was passing the owner some rope the dog bit her hand. It then let go of her hand and grabbed her by her left elbow. The woman pulled away and upon release there was blood running down her hand.

She grabbed a cloth from her car and wrapped her hand with it in order to drive herself to an urgent care facility. The doctor cleaned and dressed the wound as well as gave her an antibiotic.

Victim’s Injuries from Dog Bite

  • A torn left rotator cuff and bruising above the elbow and along the back of her arm
  • a puncture wound on the palm of her right hand

Compensation for Injured Victim

The victim successfully sued the defendants and received $100,000.00 in general damages. She also received compensation for loss of past income, cost of future care and other out of pocket expenses. In total she received $386,434.77 from the lawsuit.



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