Woman wins over $1 million in a lawsuit against Air Canada for injuries sustained in an airplane accident

  • Date: May 20, 2007
  • Victim’s age: N/A
  • Victim’s Sex: Female
  • Occupation: School counsellor
  • Place: Pearson International Airport, Toronto, Ontario
  • Circumstances: faulty landing
  • Injuries sustained: chronic pain syndrome
  • Settlement Amount: $1,012,496

The Incident

On May 20th, 2007 an Air Canada Jazz Bombardier regional jet was landing at Pearson International Airport in Toronto. On the flight were 3 crew members and 37 passengers. As the aircraft was landing something went wrong and it hit the runway really hard. On the second hit, the oxygen masks came down. A woman on the flight suffered injuries as a result of the faulty landing.  

Woman injuries

At first, she felt no pain but while she was still at the airport, she developed a pounding headache. Later the same day she started to feel pain in her back. The pain in her head and back persisted and she found it very hard to work. She was a social worker and worked as a school counsellor at several schools. By the end of her work the day the pain would be so bad she would be in tears. She suffers from chronic pain syndrome. She continued working full time until November of 2010 when she had to go on sick leave and by April of 2011, she went on long-term disability. She loved her work and eventually returned on a part-time basis. 


Air Canada and Jazz Air accepted responsibility for the woman’s injuries. In her 2014 lawsuit, the judge awarded her $110,000 in general damages and $768,000 for future and past loss of income. She also received $60,000 for future care costs and $46,496 for special damages. Her family also received $25,000 under the family law act. In total, she was awarded $1,012,496.  

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