Feeling Lost At Sea?

When the unexpected happens and a personal injury threathens to capsize your life and drag you under, Injuria Law is the lighthouse that will guide you through the legal storm and lead you back to calm waters

Why Injuria Law?


timely results

I know you want your case resolved as quickly as possible. My experience allows me to streamline the process, pushing for a timely and fair settlement with the insurance company.


Maximized Compensation

Understanding the strategies of insurance companies from the inside out gives me the upper hand in negotiating the best possible compensation for your injuries.


High Success Rate

With a twenty five year track record as a trial lawyer, I provide you with the best chance of a favorable outcome. Your victory is my priority.

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Personal Injury Lawyer

About Joseph

With nearly 25 years of litigation experience and a unique background as a former insurance defence lawyer, I bring insider knowledge to your case. I know the tactics insurers use to minimize payouts, and I use that expertise to fight for victims like you.

At Injuria Law, my mission is to level the playing field. I understand that dealing with an injury is stressful and navigating the legal landscape can be daunting. Let me handle the legal battle so you can focus on your recovery.


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