Can I initiate a lawsuit on behalf of a child?

Yes. Someone under the age of 18, cannot legally hire a lawyer or initiate a lawsuit. Children require someone to make legal decisions on their behalf. A person who represents a child in a legal matter is called a litigation guardian. The litigation guardian is typically the child’s parent or legal guardian. However, someone else with a close relationship with the child can apply to be the litigation guardian. If you are not the child’s legal guardian and want to become their litigation guardian you need to fill out this form and submit it to the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario. 

A minor’s litigation guardian is authorized to make decisions regarding legal matters on behalf of the child. They must protect the child’s interest and must hire a lawyer to take on the case. If you want to act as a litigation guardian for a minor, contact our personal injury lawyers at Equilibrium law for a free initial consultation. We can answer your questions and provide legal advice for pursuing the child’s claim. 



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