Ray Henderson Sexual Assault Case

Source: Peterboroughexaminer

According to Peterboroughexaminer News, Ray Henderson is accused of sexual assault and exploitation of a former student. The woman claims she was groomed for years and didn’t notice that her relationship with Henderson was inappropriate.

A woman in her 20s testified she first met Henderson when she was in Grade 8. They worked together on several theatre productions in Peterborough.

The woman said her relationship with Henderson progressed as she took on more responsibilities at the theatre. She said they talked every day and were together often, but one day she fell asleep in the car and Henderson touched her pubic area.

The woman testified she allowed Henderson to touch her sexually approximately 20 more times when she was still 17. She said she pretended nothing happened and went on as normal, but she knew it would hinder her relationship with him and her position at the theatre.

The woman testified she had a sexual relationship with Henderson while she was in high school, but she started dating someone else and went off to post-secondary school. She said she contacted Henderson one last time after he sent her several text messages asking why she was pulling away.

In June 2020, police were notified of an alleged prior sexual assault that had occurred years ago. Raymond Frederick Henderson of Grand River Avenue in Brantford was charged with two counts of sexual exploitation and one count of sexual assault.

A warrant was issued with sexual assault and two counts of sexual exploitation for Henderson’s arrest on July 6,2020, he turned himself in July 9, 2020 at the city police station at which time he was formally charged and released from custody.

Henderson was a well-known figure in Peterborough’s acting and directing society.

The trial resumes Tuesday, June 28.
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